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Purpose of establishment of Motor Vehicle Department

Industrial development in the state has put a huge strain on transport services in rural and urban areas. Similarly, two-wheelers, four-wheelers, etc. are constantly being added for faster transportation. At the same time, increasing congestion on the roads, increasing the number of accidents, air pollution, etc. are also on the rise. There has been a huge increase in the work of updated transport services, vehicles on the road, air pollution, vehicle registration, inspection, driver’s licenses, etc. The Department of Motor Vehicles has been set up to handle these tasks as well as to enforce the rules, tax laws and passenger tax laws made under the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988.

Acts, rules etc. enforcing at SECRETARY RTA HISAR

  1. The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988
  2. Central Motor Vehicle Rules, 1989
  3. Maharashtra Motor Vehicle Rules, 1989
  4. Maharashtra Motor Vehicle Tax Act, 1958
  5. Maharashtra Motor Vehicle Tax Rules, 1959
  6. Maharashtra Motor Vehicles (Migrant Tax) Act, 1958
  7. Maharashtra Motor Vehicles (Migrant Tax) Rules, 1959
  8. Maharashtra State Taxes on Business, Trade, Livelihood and Nokia Act, 1975
  9. Maharashtra State Taxes on Business, Trade, Livelihood and Nokia, 1975
  10. Road Transport Act 2007.
  11. Road Transport Rules 2011.

General work in the motor vehicle department

This department has to do mainly further work under various laws

  1. Vehicle registration,
  2. Collection of motor vehicle tax and passenger tax,
  3. Issuance of Licenses (Public Passenger / Freight).
  4. Issuance of learner and permanent driver’s license
  5. Driving test
  6. Issuance of annual fitness certificate of transport vehicles, renewal.
  7. Preparation of records of registered vehicles.
  8. Vehicle transfer, recording of mortgage transactions.
  9. Handling transport related cases.
  10. Mechanical inspection of accident vehicles.
  11. Inspecting vehicles for various offenses on the road.
  12. Handling air pollution related works.
  13. Carrying out inter-state transport contract works.
  14. Collection of business tax.

Design of motor vehicle department

  1. The Transport Commissioner is the highest official of the department and is headquartered in Mumbai.
  2. There are a total of 15 Regional Transport Offices and 35 Sub-Regional Transport Offices in the State and the Regional Transport Officers are the Heads of the Regional Offices.
  3. Similarly, the Deputy Regional Transport Officer is the head of the district level office.
  4. There are a total of 22 border checkpoints along the state border. Inspection of vehicles coming from abroad and collection of taxes are mainly done at such border checkpoints.
  5. The details of the Regional Transport Offices in the State and their subordinate Sub-Regional Transport Offices and Border Checkpoints are as follows.

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