Short Term Tax

Short Term Tax

SECTION 4 (4) OR 9 (1)

(1) Revised rates of taxes on goods vehicles entering into the State of Telangana on short term licences u/s 4(4), belonging to other states.

[ G.O. Ms. No.231, Transport, Roads & Buildings (T.R.I)
Dept., dt. 18-08-2008

In exercise of the powers conferred by sub-section (4) of section 4 of the Andhra Pradesh Motor Vehicles Taxation Act, 1963 (Act 5 of 1963) and in suppression [G.O. Ms. No.243, T.R & B ((TR – II) Dept, dt.02-06-1986 and] of the Notification issued in G.O. Ms.No81, Transport, Roads and Buildings (Transport – II)Department, dated:27-04-1993, the Governor of Andhra Pradesh hereby directs that the classes of vehicles specified in Column No.(1) of the Schedule below belonging to other States and operating in Andhra Pradesh on temporary permits for a period not exceeding 7 days and for a period not exceeding 30 days shall pay tax at the rates specified in columns (2) and (3) respectively thereof subject to conditions specified therein.

Class of Vehicle For a Period not exceeding
7 days
For a period exceeding 7 days
but and exceeding 30 days
(1) (2) (3)
(1) Goods Vehicles Rs. Rs.
(a) Vehicles not exceeding 1,000
kgs GVW
80 330
(b) Vehicles exceeding 1,000 kgs
but not exceeding 3,000 kgs
130 520
(c) Vehicles exceeding 3,000 kgs
but not exceeding 5,500 kgs
in laden weight
200 800
(d) Vehicles exceeding 5,500 kgs
but not exceeding 9,000 kgs
in laden weight
300 1200
(e) Vehicles exceeding 9,000 kgs
but not exceeding 12,000 kgs
in laden weight
400 1600
(f) Vehicles exceeding 12,000
kgs but not exceeding 15,000
kgs in laden weight
500 1800
(g) Vehicles exceeding 15,000
kgs. In laden weight
500+15 for every 250 kgs. Or
part thereof in excess of 15000
kgs. In laden weight
1800+50 for every 250 kgs. Or
part thereof of in excess of
15000 kgs. In laden weight
(2) Additional tax in respect of
goods vehicles used for drawing
trailers :
(i) For each trailer not exceeding
3000 kgs in laden weight
100 400
(ii)For each trailer exceeding
3000 kgs. In laden weight
180 600

Note : 1. Provided that the total tax so computed in respect of any vehicle shall be rounded off to the next higher ten rupees.

            2. The home State tax shall be paid for the relevant period.